CannyNurse® Tribe Invitation

Hello CNCP Graduates!

If you’re here, it’s most likely because you’ve been invited to join the CannyNurse® Tribe after successfully completing the CannyNurse® Certificate Program.

Well done, you!

If you found your way here some other way, I’m sorry to say that, at this time, the CannyNurse® Tribe is only open to graduates of the CNCP. You can learn more about the CNCP here.

If you couldn’t make our live celebration, here’s the replay:

To view the slides, click here.

It only takes 3 Steps to join:

  1. Choose your plan. Full details on the current CNT plans are available here (click link to view/ download a pdf with all the details).
  2. Review the licensing agreement here. (Please review it BEFORE making your purchase!) Sign it and email it to Ariana.
  3. Pay for your chosen plan using the links below.

One client session per month covers the monthly fee.

If you follow the advice laid out in this program you should have NO DIFFICULTY in getting your first client, your second, and so on. I’ve known more failed entrepreneurs than I can count, and the main things they had in common were: lack of planning, lack of knowledge, lack of support, and lack of accountability.

If you fall under these categories, ask yourself: What is my success truly worth to me? And what am I willing to do to make it happen?


To join at the Gold+ level:

  • At Gold+, you’ll get all the benefits of the Silver+ tier and
  • One private mentorship session with your mentor of choice every other month

To join at the Silver+ level:

Benefits of Silver+ Include:

  • Hone Your Skills
    • Monthly Group Mentorship calls (online, via zoom)
    • Private networking group for CNT members
    • On-demand access to Ariana’s library of business trainings
    • Business Building in 6 Steps
    • Bodacious BrandingTM course for healers and solopreneurs (7 video modules plus workbook)
    • Money Mastery 12-month course (24+ hours of audio training plus worksheets)
    • Time Management for the Self-Employed (Luxurious LivelihoodTM)
    • On-demand access to Ariana’s library of cannabis nursing trainings (including continued access to CNCP modules and awareness practices)
  • Earn Income Fast with the CNT “Business-in-a-Box”
    • CannyNurse® client forms
    • CannyNurse® infographics
    • CannyNurse® printable client information sheets
    • CannyNurse® Educational Marketing (Talk outlines & done-for-you slides)
    • Receive referrals and job postings that come through CannyNurse® HQ
  • Build Your Reputation
    • Premium photo listing on the Find A CannyNurse® online directory
    • Align with the international CannyNurse® Brand
    • Licensed use of the CannyNurse® name and logo (usage rules apply)
    • Opportunity to Guest Blog on to highlight your specialised knowledge
    • Opportunities to join future CannyNurse® collaborations and partnerships
  • Join the active engaged community of Cannabis Nurses Network annual members
    • Private, professional & welcoming community
    • Over 10+ hours in accredited nursing CEUs (expense your membership!)
    • Access to industry leaders + networking events
    • Over 30+ hours in CNN original ECS education
    • Clinical Brain Trust + Entrepreneurship Toolkit for professional nurse mentorship – Fresh education sessions added every month!
    • Professional interest communities (Research, Advocacy, etc)
    • 50% discount to CNNC tickets
    • Tuition & Subscription Service Discounts
    • Fantastic members only events & networking opportunities

*If you are already a member of the Cannabis Nurses Network, please email Ariana for a discount code to subtract the cost of CNN membership from your plan.

A list of training modules available on the new CNT membership site in partnership with Cannabis Nurses Network