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Team CannyNurse® Nominated for Multiple Nursing Awards

CannyNurse® Team Nominated for Multiple Awards

For the third year in a row, CannyNurse® founder and creator, Ariana Ayu, RN, MSc has been nominated by her peers for multiple nursing awards from the Cannabis Nurses Network. In 2021, Ariana was voted Entrepreneur of the Year, and in 2022, Ariana was nominated for Educator and Mentor of the Year.

This year is extra special because not only was Ariana nominated, but “Team CannyNurse®” was nominated as the Cannabis Nursing Team of the Year.

This wouldn’t be possible without Ariana’s co-instructor (and graduate of  Cohort 1), Love Hawkins, who was also nominated for multiple awards.

Ariana and Love were both Nominated for:

  • Cannabis Nursing Team of the Year — for a group or team of nurses who collaborate to make significant impacts in cannabis education and patient care.
  • Cannabis Nurse of the Year — Honouring a nurse who has demonstrated exceptional performance and leadership in 2023.
  • Cannabis Nursing Education Leader — For a nurse who has excelled in offering training and education resources on cannabis.
  • Cannabis Nurse Mentor of the Year — For a nurse who has excelled in mentoring, guiding, and inspiring cannabis nurses.

In addition, Ariana was nominated for:

  • Cannabis Nurse Author of the Year — For a nurse who has contributed significant cannabis literary or publication content.

Team CannyNurse® is grateful for the nominations and looks forward to the live voting at the Cannabis Nurses Network’s Nurse Appreciation Celebration this Sunday, December 10th.

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