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Relaxation Practices: Rainbow Mist Meditation

From Ariana’s book: The Magic of Mojo: The Creative Power Behind Success (Chapter 14)

Another breathing visualization I find particularly helpful when I have a headache is the following:

As you breathe in, imagine your breath is being drawn up from the earth and coming all the way up your body and out the top of your head. When you breathe out, imagine it falling down around you like a gentle rain. Do this five to ten times or until it feels very comfortable.

Next, upon inhalation, imagine your breath being drawn down into your body from the sky and out the bottoms of your feet. Upon your exhalation, imagine it coming up around your body like a gentle mist rising from the ground. Do this five to ten times or until it feels very comfortable.

Finally, alternate the breaths. Imagine the first pair coming up from the ground and falling down around you like rain. Imagine the second set of breaths coming down from the sky and going up around you like a mist. Repeat as desired until you feel calm and relaxed.


Want Ariana to lead you through this? Nice manifesting, you — here you go! 

Meditation written and performed by Ariana Ayu.

Music (“Crystal Rain”) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by

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